Resources for writing IF: game reviews

Reading reviews can help you pre-empt problems in your own writing, plus sometimes it’s just fun.

Emily Short’s blog has reviews and occasionally very good essays on writing and publishing IF.

Jenni Polodna has rather entertaining reviews of games, mostly around competition seasons.

Sam Kabo Ashwell also has game reviews and longish essays about games.

Another game review blog, The Rest of Your Mice

Here’s Carolyn VanEseltine’s blog, Sibyl Moon Games.

And Juhana Leinonen’s blog.

@intficblogs, a little Twitter bot which tracks IF blogs. This is about as meta as it gets.

Resources for writing IF: creating story/narrative

This is an incomplete list. Will try and keep it updated.

Emily Short’s articles:

On geography, conversation (here’s more detail), creating multilinear stories, and action and interaction.

failbettergames​ articles:

This compilation contains some advice which is specific to being an indie game dev and their context is based mainly on Fallen London. Posts tagged ‘Things We Like’ makes for interesting reading.

Kurt Vonnegut:

Simple Shapes of Stories – his lecture. I haven’t watched this in detail.