IFComp 2021: 4×4 Archipelago

Author: Agnieszka Trzaska (IFDB) | Choice-based

A Twine-powered roguelite*/D&D imagining. It’s surprisingly expansive with lots of side quests – I took well over 2 hours. There is some inevitable lawnmowering, but with enough random in it to make it interesting. I think it stands up to replay, mainly because of the different main quests. I found the speed of progress largely determined by the starting class and characteristics.

*it’s been a while but I think that’s right? Procedurally generated, permadeath if you don’t reload from game save, turn-based combat

Otherwise a well constructed RPG, with all the bits you would expect (map, money system, combat, side quests, lore). This did well in IFComp, ranking 8th out of 71.

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