That itch bundle: Golf Peaks, Winterlore

Golf Peaks

Afterburn Games. page. Isometric point and click. Time to completion: incomplete.

Screenshot from game showing a path for a golf ball to take and cards depicting movements

A card-based movement game, and you really don’t need to like or even know golf! It scales up in complexity which I found well-balanced. There is rather more of it than I expected, though it definitely hasn’t overstayed its welcome!


Moroi Springs. Point and click.

Ozana goes on a journey of healing and remembrance after her grandmother’s death – though of course she never physically travels anywhere. The story plays out in a single cottage.

Screenshot from game showing cottage with a woodstove, with a simple pastel illustration style

I wanted to like this game. It has all the elements that I usually enjoy: folklore, creepy old women prophets, point and click puzzles. But there were puzzles that didn’t really need to be puzzles, and some frustrating mechanics. I also may have locked myself out of progressing in the game by doing things in the wrong order?!

I appreciate the efforts to make this game player-friendly, though. The game itself links to the official walkthrough; instructions are explicitly displayed. I just wish that the puzzles had used knowledge of folklore more than simpler pattern-matching. I was reminded of Year Walk, though that game is substantially creepier, and the numerous ‘escape the room’ point and click games on which I grew up.

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