nosleep: Control Standing By

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This story combines one of my passions, volunteering as an event first aider, with my enjoyment of short horror stories. Also, in a wider sense, this plays to my fondness for epistolary stories. There is a lot I could say about this volunteering work I do, and I’ve already written about some of it in another blog. Suffice to say that this involves attending football matches, races, concerts and other events to provide first aid for the crowd and whoever needs it.

Nevertheless, one of the things we learn which go beyond the medical is radio communications. There are certain ways of speaking to make radio communications – which can happen in difficult environments – more succinct and clearer.

Here, I have used the conventions used by my organisation. It won’t be the same for every organisation, but it’s what I’m most familiar with.

In writing this, I was partiuclarly mindful of using too technical terms, as that could have detracted from the “horror” aspect of the story.  Hence, the explanatory notes. It’s hard to tell if those were effective, though, and I intend to write at least one more radio transcript-style story.

nosleep: Sweet Tooth

This story can be read here

My first nosleep story! I’m quite proud of this because at the time of writing, I hadn’t written static fiction for a long time. I used to read /r/nosleep in secondary school in an attempt to satiate my desire for campfire-style horror stories, with my first exposure of high-quality writing on this subreddit through the Penpal series.

This particular story was inspired by the amazing chiffon cake works of Suzanne Ng, who creates amazing custom chiffon cakes which are, I’m sure, free of body parts.