weird tape in the mail

By Adam Dickinson (@angrygeometry). (Twine; IFDB; play here)

weird tape in the mail was highlighted by Porpentine in her interview with Emily Short as featuring lots of art and ‘piss ethos’, so of course I had to check it out. This game features .gifs and animations with flashing effects.

You found a tape at your door last night. Your uncle is the only one who has a tape machine.

One of the most striking features about this game is the all-lowercase, no-punctuation, almost conversational or stream-of-consciousness writing style, similar to some of Porpentine’s work, which could be dubbed ‘flattened affect’. It suggests the weariness that comes with routine and less-than-pleasant living conditions. The writing sometimes feels rough – it wasn’t written necessarily to be pleasing on the ear – but definitely not without thought. The art adds to the sense of tiredness with the same hand-drawn (or mouse-drawn, perhaps), scribbly quality of Nekra Psaria.

The game hints at consumerism and the idea of worth vs. value as a theme, but this was never explored beyond allusions and exaggerated statements. I found this a pity! It could have served as a backbone to the ideas floating around in the game.

weird tape in the mail is a strange, strange game, verging on hallucinatory, but it never really delved into any one idea far enough to use the strangeness to its advantage.


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