The People’s Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game

By Taylor Vaughan (Parser-based; IFDB)


(Cover art: pseudo-Soviet poster: game title in red on red background, with three figures looking at a portrait of Marx)

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for! Today is the day when the Revolution arrives to sweep over this entire town, converting it to a worker’s paradise! Your heart beats with trepidation and excitement and you can almost taste victory!

There’s a lot left to do before you can yet claim victory, and the first of those things is to find your Revolutionary To-Do list.

The game follows a relatively simple structure with multipart puzzles. Most of these puzzles are relatively quickly solved by talking to your comrades around the city, but there are also adaptive hints. Helpfully, the to-do list serves as a checklist for the puzzles you have to solve to complete the game.

The writing is a definite plus. The tone is exaggerated to the point of parody, yet remains self aware, as seen in this quote from the opening scene:

The red light that illuminates the room might cause eye strain and make it hard to work, but it is truly inspiring.

This game was definitely enjoyable thanks to its overblown writing, even if it felt thinly implemented at times. Play if you like such parodies.


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