By Stacey Mason (Twine; IFDB; play here)


(Screenshot of game – white text on brown background: “Rations for your building reset at midnight. It’s 11:56. You’re itchy, dirty. Your clothes smell. If you want water tonight, you’d better be ready.”)

A little break from IFComp games – I found this game thanks to Games We Care About (@games_we_care).

This game was written for the Twiny Jam, meaning this game was written within 300 words. In South America, the Water Wars are raging, but, for you, you’re more concerned about your own building’s water ration. It starts at midnight, and if you start early enough, maybe you’ll have enough for a shower, to flush the toilet and wash your clothes today.

The thing I found interesting was how it used the cyclinglink macro – Mason used it to implement steps of a routine, such as preparing for a shower. This, combined with timed text, created a sense of urgency appropriate to the situation. The game is limited in scope, but there are hints to a mildly dystopic future – hints of a wider world, and that made it feel less like a short game per se, but rather a limited window into the author’s world.


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