IFComp 2015: Forever Meow

by Moe Zilla (play here

At first glance, this entry uses a Twine-style format, but with support for other keys (press any key to advance and all that) – something like how Ren’Py does it. This takes out some of the physical hassle 

One niggling problem is that there’s no aim. If this was an open-world exploration game from the point of view of a cat, cool, but there must be some kind of aim for exploration. In Soft Food and Snack Time, it was food. In New Cat, it was a name. But here? What’s my goal of exploring? We’re cats, remember, we’re not supposed to get up unless there’s a reason for it. Also, if it was just aimlessly wandering around, then what is there to satisfy my interest? The environment in which this cat PC inhabits seems singularly dull.

This game also suffers from what seems to be a common problem with animal-PC works: describing the unfamiliar. Our cat doesn’t have names for devices, so why does it have names for units of measurement?

I will admit that I really didn’t have the patience to play through, so I’m leaving it for now.


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