Tiny roguelikes and roguelites

Not IF per se. Roguelikes which take a few minutes or less to play. Click on the links to play/find download links.

Delia Mute in Grave Grotto (flash, browser)


Tiny randomised dungeoncrawler with randomised quest. Main gimmick: you can only use items in the inventory (that’s the four panels in the lower left) in the direction where you got the item. That is, if you picked up a potion by moving to the left, you can only throw it to the left. Not easy.

Tinyhack (flash, browser)

by Rob Beschizza.


Not strictly a roguelike since it’s not randomised, but it’s a dungeon-crawler in 8×8 grid. 

Death of a Lich (Win/Mac)

by Daniel Linssen (managore)

Kill enemies by dropping on them. Progress through the levels until you destroy the phylactery! Aesthetically beautiful, with 8-bit-style graphics and lots of colour.

Trappy Mine (Unity, Win/Mac/Linux)

by rogueNoodle


Dig for treasures and avoid spikes and bombs! Games can and do end very quickly, but each mine is randomised. Many ways to die, and customisable key bindings, which is nice.

Dungeon of Trials (Win/Mac/Linux)


Again, no walk in the park. Proceed through randomly generated ‘puzzles’ in each room! There’s enough variety in the puzzles that even though you quickly figure out a way to solve each one, it’s not easy to win at all.


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