baby tree

by lester galin. (Parser; IFDB)

baby tree feels like an origami model of a game.

This game’s main gimmick is its extremely sparse prose, as if it had a strict word limit (300 words, anyone?). This helps to set the mood,especially when this style extended to the default parser responses.

However, the scarcity of prose also means there’s barely any feedback on the player’s actions (i.e. was I doing the right thing? Can I examine thisthing?) grew frustrating after a while. I wouldn’t call it getting stuck,per se, since there’s so little to do that it’s pretty obvious how to get to the end of the story. But again it’s like those simple origami foxes or cats or whatever: it’s so stylised that it gives the idea of the thing,though it lacks many of the features that make the fox or cat or whatever it is.

Is it horror? Because of the prose, a lot of the content which would be considered horror is implicit, and depends on how you respond to certain situations.

As another reviewer has mentioned, the ‘epilogue’ feels rather rushed. The attempt to smoosh in some semblance of ‘story’ was a letdown, precisely because it felt so out of place. Still, it’s interesting for a one-time playthrough, as a writing experiment or a little piece of art.


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