An inadvertent experiment

Writing-wise, I’ve been working on my Introcomp entry. I don’t think it’s ever going to win anything, but it’s my first time writing a game in earnest, and possibly the last time I have this kind of time on my hands.

None of that was the point of writing this. The point of writing this was to give a short account of how it was like searching for beta-testers. I started the search pretty late, because, er… let’s just stop there.

So I ended up advertising mainly on a writing website. That’s a site somewhat unfairly known only for its teenage girl writers and downright appalling Twilight fanfics. Nevertheless, I got a surprising number of replies, some from people who were already interested in IF, some from people who were just interested.

This made the comments from my testers much more from a layman’s point of view. They didn’t refer to character agency or the quirks of Choicescript. Instead, they talked about choices being grayed out and textual transitions: they looked at it from the perspective of a reader, not a player. That was very helpful for me because it made me look more seriously at the look of the piece and not just the mechanics of the thing.


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