Dwelling: Insomnia

By George Mylonas. Playable here.

In the typical beginning to home-invasion horror stories, there is a strange sound at your door. What do you do?

It’s a simple premise, and the author could have done so much with it. However, the game loops through the days, endlessly, without any context or character development, making the PC a blank slate on which nothing happens but the sounds at the door. Is that good? It’s a tough call. It could have gone either way.

In any case, as with all horror stories, I was infinitesimally disappointed when I realised you could only make the story progress by investigating the mysterious sound. 

The development wasn’t too bad, though, even if it did feel disjointed – like in The Shining, Dwelling felt, at places, like it was drawing on numerous disparate sources. While each of these bits were, in themselves, unsettling, together they just felt… separate.

So… yes, this game is technically sound. There were no crashes, nor any typos that I could spot. But it’s not really scary. It has the semblance of scariness, but doesn’t quite deliver.


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