The Mayor and the Machine

by J. Marie. Written as part of ShuffleComp: Disc 2. Inspired by “This Is Not A Game” by Skunk Anansie.

When you became the mayor of Buttsville, your predecessor told you about a machine in a locked room. This is the secret of your position: whenever something goes wrong, there is always, always the option of using the machine, whatever it is and however it works, to fix things. 

This Twine game helpfully offers three endings, based on the broad direction of your actions. Will you use the machine as much as you can? Or will you resist the temptation?

The names of the city and its landmarks are deliberately silly: we have “Buttsville” and “Poop Lake”, amongst others. Yet, the scenarios given are in fact rather convincing – scenarios which would not go amiss in real life, and this helped to convey a sense of ownership for Buttsville and its people.

Tiny gripe: it would have been nice to have more subtle endings, of course- where you can appease the machine, where the machine is more an NPC. 

Really, though, The Mayor and The Machine is very solidly written, with a focused, if sometimes linear, plot.


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