She’s not passionate or firey, unless she hasn’t eaten enough that day, in which case she’s kind of terrifying. She’s not sexy. In fact one of the running jokes of the show has Jake taking things Amy says and repurposing them as the title of her sex tape. Like, “Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed.” Or, “I’m Sorry About Tonight.” Or, “Not Even Gonna Touch That: The Amy Santiago Story.” The running gag is that Amy just isn’t sexy.

But what’s actually great about this is that Amy doesn’t mind. She doesn’t really care that she doesn’t come off as sexy, because she doesn’t want to come off as sexy. Sexy is not a thing she’s aiming for. She’s a fuddy duddy, and she likes it. She had to call her thirteen year old niece for makeup tips, and then disregarded them for being “too sexual”. She wears pantsuits, and has no problems with that. Her apartment is full of doilies and collectable tea spoons. She’s a boring person inside.

And that’s great! I mean, when was the last time you saw a Latina on a sitcom who was characterized as a teacher’s pet? Or as a woman so dull that she fakes a root canal to get out of doing extra work she originally volunteered for, just so she can go to a bed and breakfast with her boyfriend. Who is named Teddy. For the record.

Amy Santiago is a deeply boring person inside, and that makes for freaking excellent comedy.

Source: from “Strong Female Character Friday: Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99” on Kiss My Wonder Woman

(via She’s not passionate or firey, unless she hasn’t… | Kiss My Wonder Woman!)


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