Lime Ergot

By Rust Blight, aka Caleb Wilson. Written for Ectocomp 2014.

You and the general are the last ones left on the island of St Stellio, and she wants adrink. You’re the lower-ranking officer, so it’s up to you to get the drinkdone.

The game
consists of find-the-object puzzles through descriptions which act like nested
dolls (‘telescopic’ descriptions?). Examining one object reveals another, which
reveals another, which reveals another… This device was ingenious, keeping the
game’s scope small without feeling contrived. The writing is lush and
evocative, and suited the mildly hallucinatory state of the PC. Lime Ergot is a
well-thought-out, tidy piece for one written in three hours.

Similar to Castle of the Red Prince.

playing time: 30 mins


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