A Dress Rehearsal Gone Terribly Wrong

A Dress Rehearsal Gone Terribly Wrong by Dierdra Kiai.

In this Undum game, You are Ainsley M. Warrington and you are an acclaimed director. Tonight’s play is James Dough’s Nothing’s Fair in Love, Art or War. And the quote pretty much sums up the premise of the game:

All right, Ainsley. This is it. Just one more run through the entire play, and we’ll be all good to go. Never mind that your leading lady had a serious allergic reaction to the face paint and needed to be replaced at the very last minute. And for that matter, never mind that the rest of the cast has only had a grand total of two weeks to rehearse.

Plot: Solid through and through. There is some character development and some really sweet moments which make this game very worth playing.

(Found this game through Emily Short’s blog post)


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