Earl Grey

by Rob Dubbin and Adam Parish.

Earl Grey is a wordplay game. You have been tasked to collect loads of kinds of teas, apparently, and the mysterious, monastic Eaves has given you one weapon to deal with any enemies that might come your way: a runebag. This will turn fathers in feathers and kings into kins. Potentially dangerous.

Then all hell breaks loose and a town is engulfed in a fireball! You have to help!

The writing is conversational and amusing, especially the PC’s asides. The whole premise of the game is really quite clever, but some of the puzzles are not straightforward. I had to play with occasional peeks at the walkthrough…

There is a well-defined and well-paced plot, although most of the fun is in trying to solve the puzzles and watching the bizarre outcomes of playing with your runebag.

There are a few timed puzzles; getting the wordplay right while watching the time can get annoying. But the game is quite forgiving in this aspect and always gave the player a chance to try again.

You may be put off by the unfair puzzles, but it is sufficiently amusing to make the time spent worth it.


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