A Small Talk at the Back of Beyond

This post is part of the backing-up process of another blog.

by scriptwelder. In late beta. Playable here.

The AI system informs you that you are in a shelter after a nuclear war destroyed most of the earth. You have lost your memory (as usual); there’s not much place else to go, so there’s just one thing to do: converse.

This game is very short and has just one major twist which can only be reached by asking one specific question. Unfortunately, as far as I could tell, was unconnected to anything the NPC had said or which was in the scene. The ending is somewhat abrupt, though play was generally enjoyable.

Mechanics: A Small Talk at the Back of Beyond is a hybrid game, with a rather minor graphical component and user interface. Conversation is carried out with natural language (“who are you?”)  instead of the usual ASK [someone] ABOUT [something], which can be disorienting for those used to traditional IF.


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