By Nate Cull (1997).

You are a world-renown xenohistorian, and this is the largest intact Ancient structure you’ve been in so far. From your studies, you understand that this is a place of residence, complete with things you’ve only ever seen in papers and in the abstract! The only trouble is that your ride home- your dropship- has crashed, so you’ve got to make do with Ancient technology to get home.

This is a short futuristic puzzler with a tiny hint of romance. The images invoked are simple and colour-coded; navigation and puzzle-solving is straightforward, except for a tiny spot of occasional verb-guessing. Not knowing the names of things- which is puzzling, since you’re supposed to be an authority in this field, after all- made gameplay clumsy, though.

Worth a play, though. It’s well-written, engaging and emotive, with an intriguing ending.


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