First impressions

With all that’s been said about transitions from flash-based or graphical games to parser-based IF, I was slightly surprised nothing has been said so far about Episode: Choose your Story by Pocket Gems.

One huge difference between this and more mainstream IF (including all incarnations of Versu/Undum, Twine, Storynexus and parser-based games) was the generous amount of animation. Though the animation does little to aid the story progress (as far as I can tell), I can see why it might be a pull factor, lest having textwalls and things too similar to books be intimidating. The animation, however, is jerky and reminiscent of Alice- in that torsos and limbs interact as if they were floating on top of each other. It was disconcerting, and a reminder that graphical bells and whistles is not a substitute for good story writing.

I will not venture to comment about dialogue or story yet, seeing as I have not finished one. Though it must be noted that writing may or may not be inconsistent across stories, as the website has an open call for writers.


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