By Gregory Weir.

You are the third backup unit for the Eastern Cascade Facility computer network.  You are capable of multitasked processing, natural language communication, fuzzy crisis management, and full-sensory drone immersion.  Self-diagnostics reveal that 92% of shared resources are unavailable to you.  You feel a bit ill.

You shouldn’t even be switched on. Something big’s happened to this facility, and you need to find out what!

This game includes a combat system, of sorts, though killing NPCs is not necessary to progress. It is extensively implemented, though the bulk of the story is revealed in a lengthy monologue from an NPC, without much in the way of anticipation. This made the story component feel like an almost-last minute addition, even though due attention was paid to detail in other parts of the game. Despite this, it’s enjoyable to play and pretty straightforward, with some story branching.


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