Games for beginners

A few of my classmates just downloaded the Frotz interpreter for their phones but are sadly bereft of games to play. Recommendations welcome. So far my list has:

  • Bronze (forever and always; the tutorial mode saves a lot of trouble and frustration)
  • Photopia
  • The Dreamhold
  • Violet (but so much textwalls!)
  • Shade
  • Indigo (pity it can’t run on JFrotz/Frotz)
  • Glass
  • Afflicted
  • Counterfeit Monkey (again, not Z-machine, so can’t run on Android IF interpreters)
  • Dinner Bell
  • The Baron (essential for highlighting the emotional content of IF argh)
  • Nautilisia
  • Accuse (as an example of very short logic puzzles in the form of IF)
  • Little Blue Men (traditional, but story-driven and stuff)
  • MAYBE Ecdysis. Wasn’t one of my favourites, but it’s short and packs a decent punch. Perhaps in that note, Fish Bowl might also count.



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