By Erika Szalkowski.

Having discovered the resident assistant in your dorm dead- murdered, clearly!- you immediately take on the role of amateur detective!

For a whodunit, though, there was not much in the way of finding things out, more of just finding things. The PC’s motives were also not very clearly explained, which was sorely needed to justify the story and suspend disbelief.

There are multiple endings, so some thought went into the branching of the story, but I still found the events a tad puzzling, even with the revelation at the end. It’s not a bad beginning; I hope the author continues to write games and hone her writing skills!


Other things also jarred: for example, the PC’s apparent lack of emotion- as well as the reactions of most named NPCs- seemed to me suspicious and would have been a rather juicy twist, but, to my dismay, it meant nothing.


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