The Axolotl Project

By Samantha Vicks. Playable here.

You are Casey Cama, an intern in the moon base of Sadler Labs. You just realise that one of your test subjects- a moon salamander- has escaped and if you’re fast, you can get it back before your egomaniac of a boss, Bill Gallo, catches it. But the computer system is behaving strangely, and as you go on the trail of your salamander, you discover evidence of a devastating cover-up.

Despite some slight inaccuracies and misspellings here and there, the story was engaging and well-written. The puzzles were mostly straightforward, with clear textual and contextual hints; this kept the story going at a brisk clip. The heart of the story, however, emerged fully only in the later half, and especially in the endgame.

This Twine game was smoothly and cleanly implementated, with only a few bugs and boasts a navigation system more often seen in parser-based games.

The Axolotl Project is moderately long and fully enjoyable, but with  enough emotional content to veer the game away from frivolity.



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