A Cold Grave

A Cold Grave- startingBy Mike Michalik, playable here.

In this visually compelling work, you are a psychic detective called to the side of a body. A familiar body. A body you used to inhabit. The man alongside you, the detective, is an old friend, and he calls on you to use your abilities once more to figure out what happened.

The strongest point of this game has to be the brilliant use of the visual interface that Twine offers. To elaborate might be to give away spoilers, but I thought his use of visuals really added to the atmosphere of the game. A pity it was so short, though; the story appears to be rich in unspoken backstory, though some branching means the game is suitable for a few replays.

I must say the ending confused me, since I could not find a point where the events or description hinted to that.


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