The Red Prince

After a much too long hiatus, this player is back…! With C. E. J. Pacian’s The Red Prince.

You are a traveller in the town of Amaranth, a town you have seen often in your dreams. This town is plagued by the eponymous Red Prince, whose predatory diet has sucked the lifeblood out of the town. You have to stop the dreams. You have to kill the Red Prince.

The plot of Red Prince features one single, very compact puzzle. Lost players are helped along by an adaptive hint system. The most intriguing feature of this game, however, is how it plays with the idea of exploration. In this game, the player does not explore by travelling in the compass directions; instead, the player explores a virtual space by zooming in onto objects or locations, which suits the dream-context of the game rather well.

Castle of the Red Prince is an interactive grimoire by the mad Englishman C.E.J. Pacian – said to have been inscribed during a series of terrible rites in which George Oliver, Konstantinos “Gnome” Dimopoulos, Emily Boegheim and Stephen Lavelle served as human sacrifices (or “beta testers” as they are known to students of the occult). Helpful prayers were also offered by Anna Anthropy and Robert Yang.