By Emily Short

Having finally finished this (with some hints from a friend), I am now fully equipped to write my impressions of this game.

This game is one in the series of Emily Short’s games based on fairy tales (the others including Bronze and Glass). In this game, you are Rapunzel, or some version of her, and you are attempting to get out of your tower. There is a in-game device key to progressing in the plot, which is broadly hinted at using textual clues. Once you figure that out, the puzzles should all be fairly straightforward; I took about twenty minutes on Indigo. There is really little I can say without spoiling it. What I can say, however, is read everything carefully, including and especially the introduction.

There is, however, a very very intriguing epilogue which hints to the backstory of the PC which still has me scratching my head.


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