by Daniel Ravipinto.

You are Timothy Hunter and you have just died. But there seems to have been some kind of mix-up, for you are given three second chances. Three chances to act differently at three moral dilemmas in your otherwise ordinary life. What will you do with these chances?

This game is heavily story-driven, as each stage serves to advance the plot and to flesh out the kind of person the PC is. It also promises three mutually exclusive paths, which greatly increases the subtlety of the game. In this playthrough I only managed to find one of the paths.

I found the scenarios posed to be thought-provoking and they made me pause in genuine consideration. These same scenarios also gave the game much of its poignancy.

One major grouse that I had was that the ‘wise words’ of the guardian-figures in the game tended towards a moralistic, preaching tone, which makes Tapestry less than elegant. It sometimes helps to underscore the theme of redemption, but the overall effect did not always serve that purpose, which is a shame. There was a lot of extra ‘special effects’ as well, which I thought were not strictly necessary.

Nevertheless, this game is overall well-written and will tug at your heart-strings.


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