City of Secrets: in progress

I am enjoying City of Secrets greatly now (after being stuck in the opening of An Act of Misdirection longer than I’d like). Have a quote:

“What sort of shopping is there to do in the City?”

“Oh, a very wide range,” says the concierge, launching into another of his speeches with the mechanical ease of a robot whose button has been pressed. “Clothing, for men and women, ready-made and tailored; you’ll find some of the shops right on this street. There are hats –”

He breaks his stride as he realizes that you are not wearing a hat and do not have the appearance and demeanor of someone who ever would wear a hat. “– but perhaps sir would not be interested in them. There are also, of course, books, musical recordings, fine food and antiques, magical items, spices…”

and this:

You take stock. You are awake, and your mouth tastes of socks.

You play as a tourist in the City who has been tasked to look for a renegade. All very mysterious, yes, but there’s lots of exploring and a natural-sounding conversation system in place!


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