Madam Spider’s Web

by Sara Dee. (Parser; IFDB)

You are a servant girl in Madam Spider’s subtly terrifying house, and you have been tasked to clean up. The house is small and self-contained, though there are a number of treats and surprises in some places. The game took me less than an hour of play.

Plot: The first half of this game is mostly puzzle-based, with rather little in the way of characterisation of the major NPC, the eponymous Madam Spider. There are some creepy parts subtly implemented which did add atmosphere, but were largely ambiguous and did not do much to progress the game. After the major plot twist (which is somewhat unsurprising), it is strictly linear. There might be some metaphors going on in the game, though, which I haven’t deciphered.

Mechanics: This game is definitely well-designed. Consists of a number of small, straightforward puzzles, but even the most clueless puzzler can complete the game with the adaptive hint system. Would have been more satisfying had the puzzles been more complex or more challenging, but that’s just me.


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