by Trelza, playable at

The premise of this Storynexus world, Asylum, is delightfully surreal but somewhat alarming. It is, unfortunately, still under construction/incomplete, but it is a testament to the quality of this game that reaching the limit of story content was like having to stop abruptly at the end of a cliff.

As the story’s listing on the SN main page warns, it contains disturbing imagery remniscent of Hellboy and dismemberment.  Dream-worlds are overused in Storynexus worlds, but Asylum’s departures from reality adhere strictly to its own brand of logic.

The plot was somewhat linear- there is no real choice- and too little content for the player to  decide whether this linearity is a nod to something else deeper or because the game is just like that

It was intriguing and I would like to see it in its fully-developed glory.


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