Dual Transform

By Andrew Plotkin.

You design virtual workspaces for clients, but this particular project is proving to be a little harder than expected. So you’re starting from a blank slate, now. Time to work from the bottom up.

This game is described as ‘metasemantic’, and there is a certain moment in the tail part of the game where it really becomes very metasemantic. Mostly, though, you explore concepts as you would a room.

Plot: Dual Transform is a puzzle-based game, with little of any other story devices such as characterisation or backstory. The puzzles were not too hard but not too intuitive either. Solving them took a bit of guessing and a bit of peeking at walkthroughs, unfortunately. But then I’m not very good at these.

Mechanics: The concept of a ‘one-room’ or even a ‘one-object’ puzzle has been cleverly turned on its head here. Plotkin does some really ingenious things with the one object and one room- because one room does not necessarily mean just one space.


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