hypertext platforms

While I have not been playing much IF recently, I just realised there is an extensive- and growing- range of online IF platforms. I have not tried all of them, but here is what I have seen so far, and my first impressions, if applicable.

While Twine is gaining traction and challenging the idea of ‘traditional’ IF, there are other hypertext and CYOA platforms out there.

  1. Varytale
    The platform Emily Short used for her game, Bee, if I am not mistaken. Reads like a book. Great fun, really.

  2. Undum
    Was it used for First Draft of the Revolution? Aesthetically pleasing hypertext.
  3. Choice of Games
    A platform for CYOA (choose your own adventure) games. Uses its own language, Choicescript, which is supposed to be similar to traditional programming.
  4. Textadventures.co.uk
    seems to contain mostly poorly written, barely implemented IF so far. It seems a clunkier, slower version of traditional IF.
  5. Versu (new!)
    An iOS app for text adventures. Similar to Varytale?

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