Dragonflies like Labradorite

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 4.19.44 PM

by Troy Jones III.

I had two free-ish hours in school, so what better time for a Speed-IF? The premise: you are an adventurer, but you can’t go adventuring because you can’t find your dragonfly.

The language is light-hearted, bordering on silly, and well-implemented.

Plot: Straightforward with contextual hints so it’s really hard to get stuck. There is a small clever trick of switching points of view in the ending scene, too.

Mechanics: Sturdy, especially since it’s a speed-IF. I found a minor bug at the last scene, though, which completely prevents the player from continuing and winning the game. A number of common commands (including ‘xyzzy’) are implemented- and amusingly, too.

A lightweight, humorous  game with quite simple puzzles. Good for whiling away about fifteen minutes.


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