By Doug Egan.

Finally finished this game today, after puzzling over it on and off for months. You are a public health inspector inspecting the dubious safety and minimal cleanliness of Nikolai’s Grill and Bar, while scandal boils over regarding the disappearance of an exotic dancer. Highly enjoyable.

Plot: The plot was well-conceived, even if it was not the most original– then again, some of the best stories are hardly original. The gradual reveal of little details was tantalising

Language: The creepiness was not overplayed- not too much, at least. The denouement and final reveal was a tad obvious, but the buildup, especially in the beginning, when the player is still poking about, is solid enough. There are some gory details

Mechanics: This game has a rather extensive adaptive hint system, which I admit I peeked at a few times, but otherwise there are plenty of hints and what the player needs to do is quite obvious.

You break mimesis to pay your respects to Will Crowther.


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