The Baron

by Victor Gijsbers

Generally, I hesitate to review games which have already recieved plenty of acclaim and have been reviewed by much more able and experienced people than I am (for example, The Game Formerly Known as the Game with a Hidden Nazi Mode, if I haven’t gotten the name wrong), but The Baron was amazing.

The PC is the father of Maartje, who has been kidnapped by an evil baron. This is not an interactive fiction game per se, since it is not so much about solving puzzles and exploring foreign lands and arming yourself, but about the choices you make.

Language: At first it seems straightforward, but small details, carefully highlighted, make the mood darker and more complex.

Plot: As mentioned, this is not so much an adventure game as an exploration into human darkness. And there is a startling, shocking, brilliant twist near the end and it gets more and more interesting from there- comparable to the twist in 9:05 by Adam Cadre.

Mechanics: This game switches between normal command input to multiple-choice styles (where you choose from a list of options) during dialogue; the player’s choices influence the eventual mood and flavour of the game but not the eventual outcome.

(it lives up to the promised misery of fictional characters)

(it is really good in a mindbending sort of way)


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