The Hour

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 11.22.35 AM

This SN game stretches the platform and, I felt, uses the platform in a very interesting way.The premise was intriguing enough: you are stuck in one hour of your life, endlessly revisited and relived.

Language: This game makes use of terse, short, conversational sentences. In one part, there is barely any text, just pictures. Certainly an unusual and unique use of the icons in Storynexus, and I thought it was quite well done too.

Plot: As the game is not yet complete, it would be unfair to review the game based on what I saw.

Mechanics: Very well-considered in the sequence of cards presented to the player, which leads the player through not more than a few threads at a time. It takes some meticulous tweaking of the cards and thinking through to make SN games like this.


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