John’s Fire Witch

by Michael J. Roberts/John Baker/John T. Baxter???

Your friend John Baker has invited you for drinking, but (as usual) he’s a no-show, so you decided to go to his house to find him. As you waited, you dozed off. Except now there’s a terrible storm outside and you have no idea where he is. So begins your quest to go find John! …Wherever he is.

Not to give too much away (to the, hmm, five people who read this blog), this is a rollicking, straightforward fantasy adventure which is fairly fun.

Language: Functional, but not spartan. There are, unexpectedly, some comic moments (especially for the death scenes).
<blockquote> John appears to be frozen in the center of the ice in the northern cell. You are worried about his health.</blockquote>

Plot: Uh. Straightforward. No deep life choices here, just quests and puzzles which are well-integrated into the overall story. There are a number of death scenarios. At this moment, however, I’ve died more than reached anywhere near the end of the quest.

Mechanics: The main notable feature is the wonderful, extremely handy ‘undo’: unlike in most IF, where you can’t undo more than one action at a time, here you can undo pretty much as many times as you like. Whee!


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