Just a little thought to make up for the dearth of game reviews… Failbettergames has created quite a neat world-building tool with Storynexus and I’ve been quite enamored of it lately. It’s slick enough to focus just on the mechanics of the world and the writing and not syntax errors. FBG is known mainly for their excellent browser game, Fallen London, and Storynexus allows one to do similar things. For those who don’t play Fallen London, it’s like the CYOA (choose your own adventure) of eld: you can choose actions (like “” or “”) and gain attributes.

SN provides great flexibility and, although it was released from beta to the public just this year, has already been the engine behind Cabinet Noir (made by FBG) and other user-made worlds. I recommend it for those who are already fans of FL and want to create something similar-ish.


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