Playable here, written by Sean Patterson.

While I was surfing SN yesterday, this was one of the few worlds which were marked playable (which means at least 25 storylets, and the creator has deemed it playable…naturally). I gave it a try.

Language: The writing is not top-notch at all. Not only are there typos aplenty, as if the world was created in a hurry, it does not bother to create any sort of atmosphere.

Plot: I haven’t finished it, not by far, but so far… it seems to me quite the typical tyrannical, autocratic workplace (could make for interesting psychology) IF. Remniscent of Little Blue Men.

Mechanics: Play can become quite repetitive, too, because it isn’t clear what is needed to unlock more stoylets, or if, indeed, there are more storylets. I’m not sure I want to play on.


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