Walker and Silhouette

Hang on while I keep my feelings back in its little bottle… (oh gosh Endling)

Anyway. Cheerful, slightly silly, fun IF to chase the blues away!

“It kind of makes me angry,” I say.

Ivy looks at me strangely. “You have a very sedate angry face, but what does?”

You are Nathaniel Walker, police detective, and you’re outside the Mindflower Asylum for the Criminally Insane so you can pick up hardened criminal Ivy Blissheart (what a name).

Short and sweet, this game consists mainly of about 4 or 5 puzzles, all relatively easily solved. The details are cheeky and fun, though. The keyword system (similar to Blue Lacuna) gets a little messy in some parts, because of all the things to see and talk about, but overall I enjoyed playing this game. The switches in perspective were not confusing at all because of the distinct changes in voice.

Good writing, straightforward puzzles and useful hints. Enjoyable,  indeed!


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