Parsing Interaction in Emily Short’s Bee

Something I’d like to play in the future.

Games That Exist

“Sooner or later you’re going to lose,” Bee announces.

Losing I can handle. I love a good forced failure. It’s this “you” business that’s giving me trouble.

“You are a junior spelling champion. Your parents have been teaching you at home since you were four. You’ve never wasted a moment in a conventional classroom.”

Hmm, nice to meet me. That’s who this “you” is supposed to be, right? Call me a narcissist, but I think this story is about me. This text will take me somewhere else, where I’ll impose my presence by making important decisions. Got it.

But sometimes it doesn’t really feel like Bee is about me. I’m not really playing the protagonist, per se, but living vicariously through her thought spasms, forcing myself to think with another brain. That’s not me begging moms to take me back to the salon for…

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